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Booking a Party
• VIP, Princess and Pirate Parties are available for a minimum of 12 children and this is the minimum number that will be charged for.
• Private Hire parties are for a minimum of 20 children and this is the minimum that will be charged for.
• Tots Parties are for a minimum of 8 children and this is the minimum number that will be charged for.
• Included in the charges are: admission for guests, party food as detailed on the party leaflet, a party bag and a balloon on a stick for all the children. Tots Parties do not include balloons.
• Exact numbers must be confirmed at least 48 hours before the party. Where numbers are not confirmed 72 hours in advance, the number of guests stated at the time of booking will be catered for and this will be the minimum number charged for.
• If additional guests are added after confirmation of numbers you should notify us as soon as possible. Fun2B will make every effort to accommodate requests however this cannot always be guaranteed.

Food and Drinks
• Food choices are either cold party platters, hot dog and chips or pizza and chips. Where food choices have not been confirmed 72 hours in advance, cold party platters will be provided. We are not able to mix hot and cold food choices.
• Fun2B can cater for a wide variety of dietary requirements. If there are any specific dietary needs for your party, they must be confirmed at least 72 hours before the party. If dietary requirements are notified less than 72 hours before the party, we will make every effort to accommodate the requests however this may not be possible in all circumstances.
• Birthday cakes are not provided by Fun2B. At your request, our staff will cut cakes and place them in party bags for guests. If you would like us to do this, you should ensure that the cake is large enough to allow for the correct number of portions.
• Candles for birthday cakes should also be provided if required. Fun2B does have candles available from time to time however we cannot guarantee their availability.
• Fun2B reserves the right to alter the food offering or content of meals at our discretion.

Health and Safety
• All Children must be supervised by appropriate adults when using the facilities. Centre staff are not able to assist in this supervision.
• We recommend that for parties for children up to 5 years of age, an adult to child ratio of 1 :5 should be maintained to ensure ' adequate supervision. For children over 5 years of age, we recommend an adult to child ratio of at least 1 :8.
• For the safety of younger visitors, Fun2B operates a height limit of 135cm (4ft 9 inches). Children above this height may not be allowed to play on the equipment.
• Children should wear long-sleeved tops and trousers when using the equipment. Jewellery, badges and sharp objects must be removed before play. Fun2B cannot accept any responsibility for loss of or damage to any personal items whilst using the play equipment.
• Children must wear socks at all times when using the play equipment. Any child not wearing socks may be asked to leave the play equipment. In the event of a child arriving for a party without socks, they can usually be purchased from Fun2B. We cannot however guarantee availability.
• For the comfort and safety of other customers, children that are unwell or feel sick should not use the play equipment.
• Any accidents should be reported to the centre staff immediately.

• A deposit must be paid within 1 week of booking to secure the booking. If a deposit has not been paid, the party slot may be released to another customer.
• Deposits are non-refundable.
• Where a request to change the date of a party is made at least 4 weeks prior to the booked date, the deposit may be transferred to the alternative date at the discretion of Fun2B. Where the request is made less than 4 weeks before the scheduled date, the deposit may be forfeited and another deposit must be paid to secure the revised booking.
• On the day of the party, accounts may be opened to cover drinks, food, snacks etc. These must be settled before departure.
• Final payment of any outstanding balance for parties, food, drinks ate must be settled before departure. Payment can be made using cash, debit card or credit card.
• Where payment is not made on departure, Fun2B reserves the right to charge an initial £20 fee for costs associated with recovery plus reasonable fees for any further actions taken.

Other Items
• If you have any specific requests for dietary needs, access needs, music or other items they should be discussed with Fun28 staff at least 72 hours before the party. Every effort will be made to meet requests, however this cannot be guaranteed.
• Parties are booked in 2-hour slots which includes serving and eating food and time to play in the play equipment. Whilst we will allow flexibility of timings where possible, during busy periods the 2-hour rule will be enforced.
• Any children accompanying party guests that are not actual guests must be signed-in and paid for as per normal Fun2B free-play rules. Appropriate adults must accompany and supervise any such children.
• Contents of party bags may vary and may be changed without notice.
• Fun2B management reserves the right to refuse admission or to request that individuals leave the premises. Where children are asked to leave, they must be supervised by an appropriate adult after leaving the centre.
• Fun2B management reserves the right to alter these terms and conditions without notice. You should enquire as to any such changes before your party commences.
• No liability will be accepted by Fun2B for any loss, damage or theft in the centre, in car park areas or in any area of Portland Trade Park.
• Attendance to your pre-booked party will be deemed as your acceptance of these terms and conditions. Changes must be agreed in writing before commencement of the party.

Click here to download a copy of the Fun2b Party Booking Terms and Conditions